Feb 15, 2015
A Message From Ron
(revised 12/23/2015)

I've really enjoyed being around classics cars & cycles since before I was old enough to have a drivers license. I wanted nearly every car I saw. Having bought and sold many I still own several but after decades of collecting and working on cars/cycles it's time to "Thin The Herd". I like all my cars & cycles equally so I'll let the market decide which ones to keep. Also for sale is unneeded shop equipment, tools, parts and "stuff". As of this writing I plan to keep; 2 classics cars & 2 classic cycles. Which ones will I keep? That's up to you!

No,  I'm not retiring, but

As of last spring (2014)
I've fully stopped taking in all Classic Car & Motorcycle Work.

I'll be working to finish several projects and then focus on digging through decades of what's been collected. Once I've identified, sorted & listed most of those collected parts, accessories, equipment, tools & other "stuff" while also working on the backlog of motorcycle projects. Once finished with the Classic Car backlog I will NOT be taking in any more Classic Car Work.
(I expect to take in winter projects beginning fall 2016)
I'll will get back to taking in Classic Motorcycles for Restoration, Repair & Service AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
If you have a project you'd like me to get to please email me with details at info@cruisersclassics.com

What do I have for sale?

Most everything is for sale.
No schedule yet for 2016
Cruiser's Selling Swap Meet Dates  but should showing around mid/late February. Cruiser's Stores & Craigslist Ads of used & NOS parts, accessories, collectibles & "Stuff" should have many more listings beginning around mid January 2016.

This will take some time so please check back often.

Look the site over & click links in the 'For Sale" section.
 See Anything You Want?
If you see something you Want, Need or Just Gotta Have
Email or Call / Text.


Thanks for looking,  Ron